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Preparing to challenge myself

My challenge to myself is to put the things that inspire me to use in my life.  For years now I have been holding on to binders full of images I love, stacks of fabric I couldn’t live without, yarn I had to have, clothing I was going to revamp and wear, and so on and so forth.  This year is going to be the year I do something productive with the things I’m holding on to.

Every time I get excited about a movie or a TV show or travel or anything my head starts buzzing with project ideas.  I often don’t make or do anything about these ideas and that is what this blog is all about, less thinking and more doing.  When I try a dish I love in a restaurant, I’m going to make it.  When I see a dress that inspires me, I’m going to riff on it.  I’ve spent a lot of time developing my sewing, knitting and cooking skills and I want to push myself to use all of these skills in the ways I’ve been dreaming of and not doing.

I’ve cleaned up the study and put all my fabric in containers.  I’ve started making lists of projects and blog ideas and thinking hard about what really inspires me.  I could prep forever but I’m pushing myself to take this first step, to do this first post and try to outline the kind of topics I’d like to talk about.  I may look back at this post later and think it is a bit clumsy, but is is a first step and it doesn’t matter what it looks like, it just matters that it happened.