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Narrowing a tie

So much can be said about the design influence of Mad Men and in my house it has made itself felt in the menswear area as my husband expresses his dissatisfaction with wide ties.  He has been more interested in neck wear in general lately and all the purchases he has made could have easily been incorporated into the Mad Men aesthetic.

Ken sports a narrow tie on Mad Men

My husband had one wide tie hanging around which he wanted to wear.  It happens to be the tie he wore when we got married and neither of us likes buying things for only one occasion so I offered to narrow it for him and he was delighted.  “Can that be done?” he asked.  Yes it can, and this is what I did.

This is the tie in its original form.

Opening up the back of the tie revealed the lining and batting.

I measured the tie against a tie my husband likes the width of and determined that the offending tie was 1/2″ wider on each side at the widest point.  I marked the new widest point with chalk and used a ruler to mark the cutting line up to the point where the two ties matched in measurement.

Marking the cutting lines

Then I cut the batting and repositioned the fabric over the new silhouette and steamed the fabric lightly with an iron to remove the old crease lines. I trimmed out about 1″ of the tie and lining fabric but that was almost too much and I had to do a bit of finagling to get the back of the tie lined up.  After that I lightly pressed the fabric back into place over the batting.

The fabric pinned back into place.

I sewed up the back with an invisible slipstitch and put the label and the other bit of fabric (the one you stick the back end of the tie through) back in place and the tie was ready to go.  My husband wore it the next day and he loved it.  By the way I am certain there is a name for that bit of fabric you stick the back end of the tie through.  It is probably French and I don’t know what it is and a quick Google search has not answered the question so I will save it for another time.

The finished product.


Comments on: "Narrowing a tie" (2)

  1. That bit of fabric you stick the back end of the tie through is called a “keeper”. I may have to take one of my old ties apart and see if I can skinny it up

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