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One of my favorite blogs is The Dress I Made.  I really admire her designing and sewing skills and I believe that having someone of her caliber blogging raises the bar for the rest of us who want to discuss  these topics.  I appreciate having something to aspire to.

I discovered The Dress I Made through Design Sponge when a project of hers was posted along with instructions.  I loved it right away and I finally made one of my own.  Here are some photos:

The finished bag

I made the bag from scraps I had.  A while ago I purchased a large bag of upholstery leftovers and all of the fabrics here came from that bag with the exception of the shoulder strap, which is some scrap leather I had lying around.  I had to add some inside pockets to mine because if I can’t grab my keys and lip balm easily I go stark raving mad.

Bag lining with pockets attached.

The small pocket is for my cell phone because I can’t stand not being able to grab that easily, either.

Cell phone pocket.

You can clearly see here that I have used contrasting thread to stitch the pockets down.  This is born of laziness.  Yes I could have matched the thread to the cloth but I thought, “Meh, I’m the only one who has to look at it every day.”  Also the bulk of my sewing experience comes from my background in theater and as we say in the theater, it won’t read.  Which is to say the audience won’t notice.

Strap holes

I wish I could tell you that the only reason I did a contrasting blanket stitch for my strap holes was because I liked it but the truth is I got a grommet kit and the damn thing wouldn’t work.  I pounded on it with a hammer for the longest time and it defied my every effort.  Stupid cuss.  Anyway the blanket stitching is cute and adds a little color and texture.

The finished strap hole


Detail of strap closure

This bag was so quick to make.  If you are looking for instructions here is a link them on Design Sponge (another blog I love and aspire to):


Right now I think the thing I aspire to the most is to have better pictures.


Comments on: "Purse design from The Dress I Made" (1)

  1. liz cochran said:

    I love this purse, it’s so cute and different. Great job!

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