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On our last night in Paris we ate at a restaurant my husband had read about, Le Petit Sorceror.  Or something to that effect.  It means the little witches.  It was the most fully French dining experience we had while we were there.  Prior to going I had heard that when you go to a restaurant in France their idea of good service is to leave you alone for the most part because they figure you are in for the evening.  All the food we had was amazing and we took pictures of some of the things we ate and later wrote down what we thought was in them and tried to recreate them.

Last night I made one of the dishes we have learned to copy.  It is very good and the components are classically French but easier to recreate than you’d think.  Since I’m making this in the USA with American substitutions it comes out a bit differently but we have served it to guests and had a very good response.

The original dish.

There are a couple of layers to this dish.  On top is a slice of bacon, underneath is a poached egg and on the bottom are tiny mushrooms and pearl onions cooked in red wine and beef stock.

I start by cooking the bacon in a pan.


Then I remove the bacon to drain on paper towels and toss in the pearl onions.  Make no mistake they are an absolute pain to peel but they are so cute.

There go the onions.

After they start to go a bit translucent I pour in some red wine and beef stock, about a 50/50 ratio.  Last night I measured and it was about a half cup of each.  When it came to a simmer I tossed in the mushrooms.

Mushrooms in.

Then I simmer for a long time so the mushrooms cook down a bit and get the color from the wine and stock.  I put in some tarragon last thing so it would retain its flavor.  There wasn’t tarragon in the original recipe but I had some on hand so what the heck?


After that I just poached two eggs per person and put it all in a low bowl in with the bacon on top.  The only thing I was missing, I realized as I ate, was some crusty bread to sop up all the lovely sauce.  Also I think a pat of butter with the onions would not have been amiss.  Oh well.


The original dish was appetizer size and only had one poached egg but I did two since we ate them for dinner.


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