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Vests Pt. 1

Here is the post I composed before I became horribly sick last week:

If I were a fashion magazine this would be an article called “Vested Interest” and that would be just awful.  As it happens, I am not a fashion magazine I am a lass with a blog and this is a post about some cool vests I made for my husband.  We were over the moon about Boardwalk Empire last fall and every week brought new excitement about what Nucky was going to wear this time.   The menswear was a source of constant amazement and we were always oohing and aahing over something.  After a while my husband said he’d like to have some vests.  Now, to be completely forthcoming here, he’s said this before.  And when he mentioned it before I said something along the lines of, “Oh baby, do you want a vest?  I can make you a vest in an hour.”  Then I never did it.  But it’s a new day and promises will be honored and I have made him not one but four vests.  Yep, four.  I may not be quick but I’m generous.

We went downtown and got him some great menswear fabrics and lining materials.  He picked a lot of bright satin linings in contrasting colors which is just another reason why I  love him.  On a subsequent trip with some friends I found a button store and picked up some great vintage looking buttons.  It was hard to choose because there were so many great buttons.  I was zipping from bin to bin saying “look, LOOK!”

I did all the vests with bagged linings, in which the lining fabric is stitched directly to the menswear fabric right sides together.  Then you turn it inside out and press carefully.  Yes, I have a picture.

This is the vest front stitched.

This is the vest front turned and pressed.  This type of lining is one of those things that I do because of my theater background.  This is the type of thing you do when you have to make 15 vests for a chorus and the show goes up tomorrow.  It’s not lazy, it’s clever, trust me.  It has the added benefit of being cooler to wear because there aren’t lots of extra layers of fabric in the garment.  Since my husband wants to wear these to work and he tends to run a little hot (temperature wise) I thought this construction would be more comfortable for him.

In my next post I will show some pictures of all four vests.


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