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Vests Pt 2. You thought I forgot, didn’t you?

So my handsome husband has been walking around being gorgeous for weeks and I haven’t posted the second part of the vests posts to let you see how great he looks.

And just so you can see the whole look:


Popcorn bags: a project (and a secret)

You remember the Oscars?  A couple of weeks ago?

We had some people over to watch and I spent a couple of days prepping the food and I made these little popcorn bags to serve kettle corn in.  Here’s how I did it.

popcorn bags

First I printed my text on the sheets.  I put the document in landscape view, centered the text and positioned it a few spaces down from the top edge but still near the top.

Then I marked for the creases.  My marking were at 2.5″, 3″ and 3.5″ from the edge.

Then I took some markers and drew an oval around the text and stripes on the fronts of the bags.

Then I cut a notch out of the top edge of the bag and a flap at the bottom edge.  These were only about a half inch deep each.

After that I started to assemble the bags.  First I folded the creases.

In case the pictures are less than clear I essentially made a small inverted pleat about a half inch deep on each side of the bag using my crease marking guidelines.

Then I glued the bags together.  First I glued the back seam and let it dry for a bit while resting under a heavy book, then I glued up the bottom flap and put it back under the heavy book for about an hour.

And now the secret.  I never used them.  I was so busy prepping the rest of the food that I completely forgot to pop the corn.  At least I got a post out of it!