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A big part of my mission is starting this blog is to push myself to do the projects on which I am vacillating.  Let me tell you it is a long list.  I have a scrapbook of cutout pages from magazines that are full of ideas I meant to follow up on and this spring, in the pages of Elle, I found another item for the file.  I found this Gucci belt that cost $990 dollars and the back of my brain started singing.  I could make that!  I could!  Immediately I picked it apart in my mind and knew exactly how I would make it.  All I needed was the right fabric and some gold cord.  Wait!  You are wondering what the hell I am talking about.  Here is the belt.

Right in the center, gold belt.

So I went downtown and bought this fabric.

It was $15 a yard and the guy would not let me buy less than a yard.  Still $15 versus almost $1000.  I think I made out ok.  I have most of the fabric still.  I could make several more of this belt.This is the finished product.  I lined it with black linen.  I made mine 4″ wide and it is cute but in hindsight I think I might have made it more like 3″.  When you are curvy and you wear a very wide belt it does tend to try to fold over while you are wearing it to accommodate the curve of your waist.  I have worn this several times with dresses and it looks great.  It really glams up an outfit.


Comments on: "Gucci belt, I want you so bad." (1)

  1. i love this belt! it’s amazing! I can totally see it with dresses or just glammming up a regular ol’ pair of jeans and t-shirt combo!

    you are so talented!

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