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Our backyard garden

Jason has quite a green thumb and has before transformed tiny patches of dirt (known as a So Cal backyard) into verdant growing spaces from which we have enjoyed summer bounties.  This year our backyard is just a concrete slab so he built us 4 gigantic wooden planters to hold our summer garden.

He optimistically put handles on the ends but they are so big and heavy I don't know if we can lift them.

We’ve had the seeds in pots for weeks and recently transplanted them and they are going gangbusters.

This is a red leaf lettuce and you can see the leaves beginning to turn.

This variety of watermelon is called moon and stars.

We buy a lot of our seeds from Seed Savers.  They are a fantastic company with a great mission.  You can check out their website: http://www.seedsavers.org/

My parents are avid gardeners as well.  In fact they grow so much produce that they eat it all year.  My mother cans like crazy when the tomatoes and beans start coming in and they freeze a lot of produce, too.  My mother told me they are already eating salads of their spring greens out in Tennessee, my home state.  I hope to be eating some of my own soon.

This year we are growing:

Brown Berry tomatoes

Brandywine tomatoes

Silverbeet chard


Sun and moon watermelon




I like looking at the list.  It makes my mouth water…


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