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Katherine Gets Married

I woke up this morning and ran in to check the news online to see the royal wedding.  I got so excited looking at the video clips and photos that I had to start this post right away and say how wonderful Katherine’s dress is.  The bodice really makes me think of Grace Kelly.  I love the use of lace in the bodice and the long sleeves and stand up collar.

A few key things that I could see becoming wedding dress trends over the next few years are the veil and tiara, wide waist pleats, a return to skirt fullness, and lace bodices.  Some of these things are already in the current vocabulary of wedding dress fashion but I think they could spike into a major trends, much as puffed sleeve wedding dresses did after Princess Diana’s wedding.

Katherine’s sister Pippa deserves a word here, too.  I just loved her maid of honor dress.

The shape is reminiscent of the 1930’s and I love the draped neckline.  This could be a wedding dress at a more casual wedding.

I’d love to be able to inspect this dress more closely.  I’m very interested in the way the bodice of this dress is put together.  Also I really feel there might be shoulder pads in there.  Not big ones, but there is something causing the sleeves to stand away from the upper arms a bit.

Well done, all in all.  I don’t think Katherine could ever look back at her wedding photos and regret her choices.  She looks so classic and beautiful.  I heard that she arrived to the ceremony in a car to symbolize her arrival into the marriage as a commoner and she left in a carriage because after the wedding she is royalty.  A dress like the one she wore also symbolizes as ascent to royalty and she pulled it off beautifully.


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