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So I know I haven’t posted since I got back from Australia but that’s because when we were there I found out I’m pregnant.  We are thrilled and looking forward to imposing our world view on a hapless baby but right now this kid is imposing itself on ME.  I was lucky not to have some of the worse pregnancy side-effects like morning sickness but the thing I did have was exhaustion.  I was tired the whole first trimester and I’m glad to be in the second and feeling more energy.

Now that I’m feeling more pep I’m looking forward to some projects involving the impending event and I have some ideas I’ve been flirting with such as maternity clothing hacks, new maternity sewing, baby sewing and knitting, nursery decor projects, and some toys for the baby.  You will notice that I have added a text widget to track the baby costs.  Everyone says babies are so expensive and I’m curious to keep track of what I’m spending partly as a challenge and partly so I’ll know what it really costs by the end of the pregnancy.  Of course, once the baby gets here it will be expected to contribute to the family so I’m sure it will balance out.  How soon can you put a child to work in the fields?  3 months?  4?


Comments on: "Yeah, ok, it’s been awhile" (2)

  1. liz cochran said:

    What fields?

  2. You know, farm labor.

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