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Not for the Faint of Heart

*WARNING* Please gather one paper bag before reading this post.  You will need it to breathe into in a moment.

Jason likes to show me things he finds on the internet.  The other morning he called me to his desk to check out this new children’s clothing collection from Gucci.  I definately like some of the things in the collection and I would dress my precious child in a style similar to this:

But just guess how much that might cost?  Well, I’ll give you a hint, the poncho is over $200.  The “skinny pant” is $265 and the boots are over $300.  The plain white turtleneck?  $195

Here’s an idea, why not buy these items:

Hanna Anderson turtleneck $20

Old Navy skinny cords $20

Emu boots, zappos.com $84

And then make this:

Poncho knitting pattern, ravelry.com

You could probably buy a poncho pretty easily but I like to knit and ponchos aren’t hard.  You would certainly save hundreds of dollars.

Here’s Jason’s favorite look from the Gucci collection:

It’s a real fur jacket and it costs over $2k.  For that kind of money it had better be infused with magical properties that cause it to grow with your kid.


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