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Boys can be cute, too!

Great vintage look. These would look adorable in some leather I've been hanging on to.

I tried not to look too much at baby clothing before we found out whether we are having a girl or a boy but now that we know I’ve been looking around and finding cute stuff for boys is kind of challenging.  Neither Jason nor I give much of a flip about sports and there is so much boy stuff that is sports-themed.  I’ve found some cute stuff I thought I’d share with you that works great for boys.  Since I sew I checked out the patterns available on Etsy and there are a few cool options.

I love this hoodie!

This romper has some great variations.

Jason introduced me to another fun website, threadless.com.  He has bought some t shirts for me from threadless in the past and we plan to buy some onesies for the baby.

One of Jason's favorites, it really cracks me up.

"Survived" onesie

From Twitch tots.

The above romper is from Twitch tots.  I follow the Twitch vintage blog and she did a post about her children’s clothing website.  I will likely be buying some stuff for the baby from her well-currated selection.

A kid came into the shop today wearing some cute shoes from this company:


They make women’s shoes, too.  It might be cute to have matching mommy/son shoes!


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