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I woke up yesterday morning thinking about summer squash.  We had a bit in our CSA and needed to used the last two small ones.  I tend to do carb and protein for breakfast and as I lay thinking about the summer squash I thought about how I need to work fruits and veggies into my breakfasts.  The idea to work the squash into a breakfast sandwich came together pretty quickly and Jason liked the result so much that I offered to make it again this morning if he would take pictures for the blog.  Thus I present our first joint effort: the summer squash breakfast sandwich.

Ingredients (makes 2):

2 small summer or zucchini squash

2 green onions, chopped with green and white parts

2 eggs

2 slices jalapeno jack cheese

2 English muffins



Grate the squash

Chop green onions

Crack eggs, add salt and pepper

Scramble the eggs. I usually use a fork for this because a whisk can overmix them. You could add a little milk but I don't think it is necessary in this application.

Saute squash in a little olive oil

A couple of minutes into the saute, add the thicker, whiter parts of the green onion you chopped. The idea is to sweat them a bit with the squash to incorporate the flavor. Everything will saute pretty quickly. When the squash looks somewhat wilted add the rest of the green onion.

When the rest of the green onion has been in the pan for a minute or so, pour in the egg.

Continually stir the egg/squash mixture to scramble it nicely.

Once the egg is fully cooked, divide it between two toasted English muffins, add the slices of jalapeno jack cheese, and serve.

Some notes:

You realize this is pretty flexible, right?  You could use a different cheese or another kind of bread, you could season the eggs or squash differently.  The first morning I made it I grated yellow onion into the squash simply because I didn’t think of using the green onion I had in the fridge and I sauteed the whole thing at once.

I love the pictures Jason took!  It made it a lot easier to do the blog post with him helping me and I think he is better with the camera than I am.  Thanks, honey!



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