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Archive for October, 2011

Things I’ve Made for the Baby

I’ve been putting together some things for the baby here and there and I thought I’d clue you in.

When my mom and dad were visiting us mom and I decorated some baby onesies.  I had already dyed a couple of them.

I used a fabric marker called Tee Juice.  It worked very well, no color bleeding and it glided over the fabric pretty well.

Mom decorated this one.

I made some burp cloths using this tutorial on the Happy Together blog:


I made matching stuffed bunnies for our baby and his cousin, my sweet niece Lila Jane, using this pattern from Polka-Dot Umbrella:


Obviously, I did the face a bit differently.  Lila Jane is 2 now and would probably be ok with button eyes on a toy but the baby definitely won’t be so I just embroidered blue eyes on both of them.  The bunnies are spending a lot of time together now but will soon be separated when I visit my family in Tennessee later this month and take Lila her bunny.