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Fair Isle Crew Neck Sweater, Urban Outfitters

This time of year women around the world often throw up their hands and say they don’t know what to get the man in their life for Christmas.  My husband is the opposite of that.  He is interested in so many things that I can’t decide what is the best thing to get him.  Especially on a year like this, when we have set a budget of $100 for our holiday spending on each other.  I’ve done pretty well so far and I’ve gotten some things I know will be a hit but I still have a bit of money left in the budget and I can’t decide what to buy.  Therefore, a fantasy shopping trip with Jason in mind!  Here’s a gift guide for a smart, stylish guy.

Cheese Knife Set

He loves to try different cheeses and this cute set has a knife for every type. http://www.kikkerland.com/products/cheese-knife-set/

Graffiti Cocktail shaker, for his evening drink


Robot tea infuser

Lately he’s been drinking tea instead of coffee.  http://www.kikkerland.com/products/robot-tea-infuser/

Cardboard Buck Trophy

I just think this is so cool.


Zara Limited Edition ankle bootZara Limited Edition Ankle Boot.  I like all the detail and the color here.  Jason is very fond of boots, too! http://www.zara.com/webapp/wcs/stores/servlet/product/us/en/zara-us-W2011/130507/474149/%27LIMITED%2BEDITION%27%2BZARA%2BANKLE%2BBOOT

Cashmere Blend Socks

I bought Jason some cashmere blend socks last Christmas and he loves them.  These are more colorful and fun. http://www.absolutesocks.com/be-5740olive.html

These are some fun Argyle Socks!

Jason wears argyle socks a lot and these are very fun. http://www.absolutesocks.com/kb-12116m-bluered.html




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  1. The last couple of years John has emailed me an itemized list with links in order of importance 🙂

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