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Another shoe-over

Here’s another pair of shoes I made over.  I painted the platforms and heels.  Because they were dark brown I painted them with a couple of coats of white before I painted the blue.


All Synapses Firing

You know what I think the most important game is in life?  The apple game.  Maybe you called it something different but as a child I called it the apple game.  It is the matching game in which all the cards are laid face down on the table and each player is allowed to turn over two cards per turn.  The object of the game is to remember the locations of the cards so you can make a match and remove cards from the playing table.

I loved this game when I was a kid and as an adult I often feel those memory-building skills coming into play when I see something I like.  Like these gorgeous tights from Wolford.

They are stunning but they are $55.  Ouch.  Then I remembered We Love Colors.  They carry a wide range of tights and fishnets in an even wider range of colors.  Here are their Diamondnet fishnet tights.

These are available in about 50 colors (no exaggeration) and they cost $9.50.   The color they call Pastel Mint is my pick for the closest match to Wolford’s Opal color.

The pastel mint color

Although the We Love Colors tights are somewhat different and don’t have quite as pretty a pattern I think I would have much less of a heart attack when my $9.50 tights go the way of all things that I would when my $55 dollar tights get a blowout on the second wearing.  I have bought tights from We Love Colors in the past and they are pretty durable.  I like that they have options for plus-size women, too.

Gucci belt, I want you so bad.

A big part of my mission is starting this blog is to push myself to do the projects on which I am vacillating.  Let me tell you it is a long list.  I have a scrapbook of cutout pages from magazines that are full of ideas I meant to follow up on and this spring, in the pages of Elle, I found another item for the file.  I found this Gucci belt that cost $990 dollars and the back of my brain started singing.  I could make that!  I could!  Immediately I picked it apart in my mind and knew exactly how I would make it.  All I needed was the right fabric and some gold cord.  Wait!  You are wondering what the hell I am talking about.  Here is the belt.

Right in the center, gold belt.

So I went downtown and bought this fabric.

It was $15 a yard and the guy would not let me buy less than a yard.  Still $15 versus almost $1000.  I think I made out ok.  I have most of the fabric still.  I could make several more of this belt.This is the finished product.  I lined it with black linen.  I made mine 4″ wide and it is cute but in hindsight I think I might have made it more like 3″.  When you are curvy and you wear a very wide belt it does tend to try to fold over while you are wearing it to accommodate the curve of your waist.  I have worn this several times with dresses and it looks great.  It really glams up an outfit.

Purse design from The Dress I Made

One of my favorite blogs is The Dress I Made.  I really admire her designing and sewing skills and I believe that having someone of her caliber blogging raises the bar for the rest of us who want to discuss  these topics.  I appreciate having something to aspire to.

I discovered The Dress I Made through Design Sponge when a project of hers was posted along with instructions.  I loved it right away and I finally made one of my own.  Here are some photos:

The finished bag

I made the bag from scraps I had.  A while ago I purchased a large bag of upholstery leftovers and all of the fabrics here came from that bag with the exception of the shoulder strap, which is some scrap leather I had lying around.  I had to add some inside pockets to mine because if I can’t grab my keys and lip balm easily I go stark raving mad.

Bag lining with pockets attached.

The small pocket is for my cell phone because I can’t stand not being able to grab that easily, either.

Cell phone pocket.

You can clearly see here that I have used contrasting thread to stitch the pockets down.  This is born of laziness.  Yes I could have matched the thread to the cloth but I thought, “Meh, I’m the only one who has to look at it every day.”  Also the bulk of my sewing experience comes from my background in theater and as we say in the theater, it won’t read.  Which is to say the audience won’t notice.

Strap holes

I wish I could tell you that the only reason I did a contrasting blanket stitch for my strap holes was because I liked it but the truth is I got a grommet kit and the damn thing wouldn’t work.  I pounded on it with a hammer for the longest time and it defied my every effort.  Stupid cuss.  Anyway the blanket stitching is cute and adds a little color and texture.

The finished strap hole


Detail of strap closure

This bag was so quick to make.  If you are looking for instructions here is a link them on Design Sponge (another blog I love and aspire to):


Right now I think the thing I aspire to the most is to have better pictures.